Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Portrait in Excellence Stephen Moss-Photographer!

Arundel Historic Joust. Jan Gradon of Team "Holy Roman Empire" trades a blow with Marc Hamel of Team "France"

Stephen Moss is a friend of mine. We met via Facebook over a year ago through mutual friends. I admired his work for several years, and it was a wonderful treat to meet him through the internet. It is rare to meet a gentleman in this day and time; but another friend told me that, "Nice people have a way of showing up." So to that extent Moss just popped up on my feed, and I have been enjoying his work ever since. His being my friend cuts no special favors. I made him go through the ten question tradition here at Modern Medievalist, and true to form, he graciously went along with it. Below is the result of our conversation. Thank you Stephen for the access to your photo's, and most of all, your time!

SPECIAL EDITORIAL NOTE: All of the pictures used in this article have been used with the expressed permission of Stephen Moss. Please respect his work, and his copyright.

Lady Kyle Van Dolah, with her Hawk at Arundel Historic Joust.
Q: Where are you from?

A: Staffordshire, Moorlands-UK.

Q: What sparked your interest in all things Medieval?

A: School and being a long time member of EH (English Heritage) I just feel comfortable about being around the medieval periods.

Arundel Castle, and the Historical and History Based Encampment for the Jousters at The Arundel Historic Joust-2013

Q: How long have you been a part of the medieval reenactment scene/world?

A: Actually a short time. I have been actively a part of it for four years.

Q: How long have you been a photographer?

A: For 25 years. I actually got the bug 37 years ago!

Mark Caple "Team England" in his High Gothic German Inspired Harness, being escorted by the lovely
Lady Emma Pearn.
 Q: Were you or have you been a participant in medieval events?

A: No. I am constantly asked to go into the field. But I love taking photographs and I don't think I can if I am in costume.

Q: What keeps you coming back for more?

A: To me most of the events I go to are like live theater, color, humor, and pure entertainment. Also every event produced a new set of pictures.
Team members from England, The Holy Roman Empire, France and Burgundy gather in the Lists.

Q: Have you ever thought about producing or shooting a video of the events you attend?

A: Yes I have a camera that takes HD pictures, but at the moment I am still very much into photographs. I might experiment with it at a lesser or smaller event.

Q: What has been your biggest let down in shooting?

A: Event set ups, poor access for press or photographers and authenticity of portrayals.

Q: What has been your most surprising reward?

A: For me when a reenactor thanks me for taking the time to cover their event or that my photographs bring a realism to their work/hobby.
Dominic Sewell-Winner of the 2012 Arundel Historic Joust
and Knight Marshal
for the 2013 event.
The Lords and Ladies of the Arundel Historic Joust
Hosted by Arundel Castle.
One of the most important things a Knight could profess, was his love.
Stacy Evans-Tournament Director and Competitor asking
Kyle Van Dolah for her hand
in marriage.

Andreas Wenzel demonstrating a Knight was expected to be more than just
a fighting man. They were judged by their poetry, ability to dance,
and sing. Their courtly behavior was as important as their
ability to fight.

One of the many gates and unexpected vistas to be found at
Arundel Castle.

I would like to thank Stephen Moss for his patience and his willingness to share his work with me and by way of extension, you my readers. Stephen is in the midst of reorganizing his presence upon the web. For the near future, if you are interested in his photographs, he ask that you contact him via his Facebook page.

His Facebook Address is:

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