Friday, June 13, 2014

"Just for the Hell of it Jousting!-Photo Essay!

Lincoln Cathedral.
(c) Ian Foss.
     Have you ever come across a person you just instantly liked? Funny how that sometimes happens. It is not an ordinary event, so when it does happen, it is best to pay attention. I am somewhat of a fatalist, in that I don't believe things just happen. It is my personal belief, so I am not asking you to ascribe to it. But back to instant friendships, it is always fun when you meet someone and they become a mate.

Arne Koets
for the
International I Want To Be Arne Koets Day
(c) Ian Foss
     I have known Ian Foss for less than a year. But in that year we have become mates. We both share a love of history. And curiously enough we share similar opinions about why we are so incredibly attracted to history, specifically medieval history... This love of history has caused him to make a sea change in his life. He spent years as an IT consultant and troubleshooter, and has just recently switched over to a career as a photographer. I thought I would share some his photos today!

Ryde Pier Isle of Wight
(c) Ian Foss.

Ian has been devoting a great deal of time developing his photographic business along with creating a new career working in the Publishing world, creating book covers and creating new covers for old science fiction classic films that have been and are being re-released through various distributors in the UK.

Here is the link to his Joust For The Hell Of It page on Facebook.

Thank you Ian!

DS Baker.

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