Thursday, September 20, 2012

Armorial Index Review.

Several years ago I had a very dear friend of mine, send me a link to one of the more colorful, and exciting Armorial Collection I had seen in some time. It is a fully interactive collection. For those of you who live in Europe or come from European ancestors, this is an interesting way of finding a possible medieval ancestor. I am talking about The Brotherhood of St. Christoph, located in Arlberg, Austria.  

I will not "copy or lift" an image from this site. I am going to give you the links. The Brothers do have a gift shop and the proceeds go for their maintenance and the continuation of their charitable works. The Brotherhood was founded 626 years ago, during the 14th Century.. They have a very rich history, that they have decided to share with the world via their web site.

Their Armorial Index, and Codex Collection is superb. I have literally spent hours looking through their pages.

Since this is my blog, I am free to make my opinion known.-This is an organization worthy of your attention, and furthermore one which I think, in these troubled economic times, worthy of your patronage. They can be found here at:

And on Facebook:

They are one of the few purely charitable organizations in Europe, supporting families with children that are in need. For any "Modern Medievalist" this is a site that should be bookmarked and kept as a handy reference guide. I am trying to give you my readers examples of the medieval world, interacting with our modern world. This collection is a wonderful example of both.

DS Baker

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