Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just in from Belgium more video links!

My very good friend Hugs Rabijins has sent me the following links:

"The rally medieval Sterckshof is an annual event that brings together Big Medievalists of Britains, France, Holland, Germany and Belgium. This is one of the largest gathering for our country both in quality and number of companies participating. Not to mention craftsmen historical material from them throughout Europe." -OR-
For those who speak French!-
Le rassemblement médiéval de Sterckshof est un événement annuel qui rassemble des Médiévistes de Grandes Bretagnes, France, Hollande, Allemagne et Belgique. C'est un des plus grand rassemblement pour notre pays tant en Qualité de compagnies et en nombre de participant. Sans oublier des artisans de matériel historique venant eux de toute:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_yvzwXhi2k&ytsession=wR6Lt8sDbeh1C6ZmKWun4oNeC4PsbpK8vvupNa0Q1rncWlqC3qeVe3TxZiO8GK2E3dui6CD09WcneY4GSKRzFZyClI9oe-5j4QLHInsEpJORrenKMh3V044irKaQ6GR8yGyJvSI_q8UbjeTJh_FNLUveCh5i_fg8tF0cApFcSxmBRSs4zC8zi8kabIZMhCyE792HlYQunSb6IetDsBxr7JiWmBJsVMzIAf9wTQoOreI

With the following Company's attending:

van gismo at
time jean de Croy
The green tent
the oath of silver tower
the hospital of Hainaut
At the time of Philip the Good
The ninth (the 9ND) (germany)
ST spirit
The companies the Stour
zigghense demervolk compagny

All translation mistakes are strictly to be blamed on Google Translator! Because sadly, although  I am now enrolled in a French language course, I do not speak the language yet!



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