Monday, September 24, 2012

Katrina Kruse -Knight and Horse Archer-Modern Medievalist!

2011 Tournament of the Golden Fleece.
Katrina Kruse with her Angry Eyes!
(c) Nat's Snaps.

Today's post is just a short post. Mostly because my friend Katrina Kruse of Australia is in the midst of a 2,000 mile relocation. Instead of conducting an interview like I did with Zachary Most, I thought I would do a short pictorial posting. Katrina is an Australian Jouster of growing renown. As this is a Modern Medievalist Blog, I thought it important to profile the women of the world, who are jousting. Australia and New Zealand are both homes to some fantastic female competitors.

Tournament of the Golden Fleece 2011.
Justin Holland also of Australia, having Kruse's Lance shatter on
his helm! It broke off in his eye slot! Luckily Holland, suffered only
a black eye.

Kruse is a multi-talented person. Not only does she joust, she also is a competitive Horse Archer. Last year she was invited to participate in the Gappo Park Horse Archery Competition in Japan.

Practicing at the base of Hirosaki Castle, Japan.

Making her fist shot!

If you look closely, you can see her blue arrow, sitting in the target, as she is already drawing another arrow out of her quiver!
It should be noted, this competition is done at a full gallop!

Here is a link to You Tube. It is a short preview of
Japanese Bow built to Kill.

Here is a link to Horse Bows built by Kassai Lajos of Hungary.
*Who incidentally I would like to do an interview with. He is one of the driving forces behind the resurgence of the sport of Horse Archery.

I would like to think Katrina Kruse for allowing me to share her pictures! We will do a proper interview, once your move is completed, and you have had a chance to get your new world in order.

All my best!

DS Baker

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  1. Very nice pictorial article! I love hearing about and seeing pictures of female jousters. I'll be posting on FB and tweeting about this article. I've also added your blog to the list of "Blogs that deal with jousting(at least sometimes)" on my blog "The Jousting Life" ( ). I hope you don't mind. :-)