Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Calling for Submissions!

Since I am only one person, and I am unable to participate in a lot of the events I would want to, I am asking for submissions to Modern Medievalist. Here is what I am looking for:

-Reenactment groups-Especially living history/historical presentations. To include the following:
Infantry/Swiss Style Pike/Norman Dismounted Fighting Lance/XIV Mafia Melee' Fighting Group
Cavalry/Knights Mounted Lance or Horseback Reenactment Groups
Archery/Crossbow-In whatever form these two types might be portrayed.
Artillery-No later than 1550

Period Clothing Designers/Manufactures from 1060 to 1550.
In this section I would like to see as much regional differences as possible.
I know that a man or woman from say, Poland would dress or could dress differently from
someone in say England.
I am also interested in seeing seasonal clothing styles.-Winter Cloaks, Heavy Coats, Hats and Period Footwear from the time range mentioned above.
*This sections can be reported on as, efforts you, yourself are doing, or as a product review.

This is a sub-set of the the Clothing needs, but I would like to see period flags and banners.
I know of several banner artists, who make museum quality work. To which I would also like to include in this section Heralds and Heraldry. I am a founding Fellow of the Fellowship of the White Shield. I am very interested in Period Heraldic Displays, and Clothing for Heralds.

Cooking-As with clothing, I want to show as much regional differences as possible. Medieval Norwegians did not eat the same types of food as someone from say Bulgaria or Serbia. Recipes shared will be most appreciated. I am not interested in seeing wooden trenchers with cubes of cheese and fruit. Unless of course it is hand made cheese made by you and your group.
I know there are some amazing talented people out there. I know of people who erect field kitchens, completer with readily erected ovens. Just because you are at an event doesn't mean that you have to eat burnt Turkey legs.-I want the readers of this blog to meet the cooks/chefs who set the culinary bar higher for the rest of the world.

I also know there are people out there who make wonderfully crafted plates, eating utensils, period drinking vessels. To which types of Wine, and Beers-Especially those beers which have been handcrafted by your or a brewer, would be appropriate.

Black Smiths and Coopers aka barrel makers are a necessity for a period lifestyle.-Yet rarely do we see their efforts portrayed.

Knife and Sword Smiths.-I would like to see product reviews, especially those where the reviewer has actually handled the blades being reviewed. I would also like to see articles by Knife and Sword Smiths themselves. Although I would like to say, fantasy blades are not what I want to see.

Carpenters. I have seen lovely benches and tables. What I have not seen are cabinet makers, creating backgammon tables, Triptych's for Icons, Doors or Furniture otherwise what would one see in a camp.-It should be noted these items need not be for events. I am interested in seeing Carpenters working in a period style.

It is important to me, that the support people, who make it possible for those who want to fight while looking good in their period armour have as much equal representation as possible. Without the Cooks, The Blacksmith/Farrier, without those who help a knight or man-at-arms don their harness, the events we all love to participate in would not happen.

I think I have given enough for those who read this blog, to think about. For those who submit an article, and if it is selected, you will be given full credit for your work.-Just like a newspaper might. However unlike a newspaper, this is voluntary and I am unable to pay. You just might like to think of it as free advertising for you, and your group.

Lastly it is important for all submissions to include a web address. Until I figure out this particular Blog format, pictures will not be shown. So for those of you who choose to submit an article, your description of what you might be submitting, is as important as the link to your pictures.
* I have just figured out how to up-load pictures to the blog. Pictures other than those in your links must be sent with your e-mail.

All submissions can be sent to:

All my best!

DS Baker

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