Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hand Made Cheese Part One!

                                                                      Coco Uhl

There is a wonderful person I know who lives in Callbach, Hessen, Germany. Her name is Coco Uhl, her SCA persona name is Robyn Of-Rye...

(Just a side comment here.-SCA  or Living History makes no matter to me! Food and especially good food, doesn't care what the thread count is on your tunic!)

She makes wonderful period food stuffs and is a most doughty fighter.-She has her own harness! But back to her cooking! I put out a call for recipes for food. She has responded today with one for hand-made cheese. -I dimly recall making an off hand remark, about wooden trenchers containing cheese and fruit. I believe I said something like, "I'm not interested in seeing it unless you made the cheese your self."
So I have been hoisted on my own Petard!

Coco has decided to send in her photo essay via Facebook tonight. Let me tell you, she really makes it look easy... So you should know then to follow her directions exactly! Or you might end up with squishy milk stuff!

The photo essay will take you right up to the point where you have to store your cheese. Coming in next week's edition, she will finish, by telling you how to handle and store your cheese.

Also another point for future articles. Since this blog is evolving into a somewhat Eurocentric view point, I am going to do my best to post articles in the contributor's native language. I shall then post the same in English. I know for a fact how hard it is to translate something from one language to another.-But a large number of my readers speak more than one, so;. hopefully we will be able to land on any number that most can read.
Coco has agreed to post future recipes in both German and English!

Here is the link to Coco Uhl's recipe for handmade Cheese Part 1

PS -Coco I wish you would let me show our readers, you in your armour!

DS Baker 

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