Saturday, September 29, 2012

Profile of Excellence: Jacques Marechal Photographer

There are people who take pictures and then there are Photographers. Jacques Marechal falls into the later category. His own biography states that he is from Belgium and he has worked any number of jobs, before going back to school and obtaining a certificate in photography.

Marechal has been shooting professionally since 1988. He rapidly established his professionalism photographing the F1 racing circuit. It was during his travels he began photograhing Castles and other medieval structures.

Marechal likes to photograph historical periods ranging from the Roman Empire through the High Middle Ages.-His professionalism and his ability to capture movement, and more importantly a moment, has allowed him unparalled access to some of the best medieval reenactment groups in Europe.

I think it is important to let his pictures tell his own story...

(c) Jaques Marechal

Forward through time, and through Marechal's lenses we travel to the 13th Century.

(c) Jacques Marechal
Gathering of the Bouvines Association-1214

Marechal has spent considerable time with various Jousters from around the world and also has spent a great deal of time shooting, Jousters affiliated with the International Jousting League.

(c) Jacques Marechal
Caroline Egeman
Uppsala, Sweden

(c) Jacques Marechal
(Left to Right)
Matthijis Wetsenburg, Joram van Essen, Wouter Nicolai, Jeffrey Hedgecock, Graham Turner
Fredric Piraux, Derk Groeneveld, and Dr. Tobias Capwell.

Marechal then takes his readers/viewers through time to various reenactment groups from all over Europe.

(c) Jacques Marechal
Marles 2008 with groups:
ESG, Oplanden, Via Romana, Legio XI CPF, and Legio X Gemina

(c) Jacques Marechal
With the group:
Guild of St. Olaf at the Middlaldercenter

(c) Jacques Marechal
(c) Jacques Marechal
With the Call to Arms 1474
A gathering in Bexbach
-This is normally a private gathering of 15th Century groups.-

For the readers of Modern Medievalist, I hope that you will enjoy the pictures you are viewing. All copyrights to the photographs displayed belong to Jacques Marechal, and are his solely. I was able to load these images by his permission.

I belive that Marechal is one of the finest examples of a Modern Medeivalist, currently operating in the world, let along Europe.
His websites and links are:

On the last link listed above, is a listing with links to books, Marechal has either published as the author or has provided the photograps for them.-His range of medieval photographs are stunning.

All my best!

DS Baker